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Firm History

The law office of Kermit A. Doucet opened for business in 1984 with the entrance of Mr. Doucet into the practice of law. Known for his bold nature, superior intellect, Cajun humor and aggressive representation of his clientele, it did not take long before his small practice grew into one which has successfully represented thousands of people when they were most in need of help.


With a record of success already established in areas of personal injury practice, Jeffery F. Speer partnered with Mr. Doucet in 1992. Together, as partners and friends, they continued Kermit's mission of successfully representing and thereby helping people in their time of greatest need, namely when they were injured and incapable of providing for themselves or their family. 


 Mr. Doucet passed away in 1998 and the firm has been guided successfully ever since by Mr. Speer. Having both been raised and educated in south Louisiana, these partners shared the same tastes in their personal lives as well as their aggressive work ethic that has proven itself successful for the last quarter of a century in Louisiana. Having always believed that the best form of advertisement is a happy client, the firm has always been blessed by an ever expanding number of friends, who began as clients and then grew closer once they realized we place their needs above all else during our representation, while balancing the professional and ethical qualities necessary to maintain the integrity of the practice of law.


 Mr. Doucet began this firm with the belief that representing injured persons during difficult times of their lives is a noble profession and a privilege. This principal has been maintained by Mr. Speer in the firm's handling of cases while always having a deep appreciation for the unique lifestyle and culture found in south Louisiana. 


 The cases handled at Doucet-Speer range in size from death and permanent disability to soft tissue or property claims but each is handled with the personalized care that Kermit Doucet or Jeffery Speer would want given to their own family in time of crisis. At Doucet-Speer, we live by the proposition that a person's character is not judged by the size of their problem but by their reaction to it.


We take great pride in being the steady hand during the storm. May you and your family never suffer an injury of any type in the future but if your road gets rough, Doucet-Speer will be here to steer you back onto life's path.    Van Gothreaux


 Jeffery F. Speer

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